Sunday, May 8, 2011

...but it's a good tired!

What a great 2 days with Mah Man t!m at the St Pete Hilton along with 100 of my closest friends being the FIRST classes of the year for all of his new techniques and seeing new lines of product! But boy am I tired! Talk about sensory overload! He taught 4 classes, 2 each day with 100 students in each class. I had already taken 2 of the classes, so I took Creative Outlets where we made 4 different tags and Creative Blocks where we altered and grunged and collaged canvas and stacked them one atop the other and made a beautiful piece of art. I'll share the first day with you now and the second will have to wait! I'm not gonna go thru every technique, but if you have a question, ask away and I'll do my best to answer! I also won a complete set of t!m tools on the first day. Already have all of them! Did I turn it down? Heck no!! They will come in handy when I have people over to craft.

The bags were all lined up in the hallway next to the room we were in. Each one of us had a bag. Inside the bag was a nametag, lovingly made by the Whim So Doodle employees, a number on a paddle so that when t!m was demo-ing, if we wanted that particular item, we held up our paddle and the WSD "Elves" would come over and write down that item and put it in our bag for us. They even had a mini store set up in the hallway for us to shop before the classes started! Then all of our stuff was taken the block and a half over to the store at the end of the day so we could cash out. We didn't have to think about anything!

I made my shirt! It said "Dress 2 Distress" and I schmeared ink and paint and Distress Crackle all over it. I cut out some flowers and added them to it. t!m and Mario both LOVED it!! Just wait'll you see what I wore the second day!!

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Debbie DP said...

great idea to make/design your shirt.