Monday, May 23, 2011

Eggs, Maters, Peas

Can you say OUCH! I think this egg that Queen Biotch Survivor laid must be the the same as a human having a 13 lb baby! It it huge! And I'm willing to bet that it's a double-yolker as well. You usually get double yolks out of girls when they first start laying. But occasionally, Ma Nature will throw in a zinger on an older hen. I want John to see it before I crack it, so stay tuned to see if it was a double yolker. And yes, the eggs are green. Queen B Survivor is an Americauna and they are the ones that lay the green shelled eggs. They taste the same as a "regular' white shelled egg. No, change that. Mine are BETTER than store-boughten eggs. Because we don't force the girls to lay and they get an all natural diet.

And these are some of the fruits of our labor from our Earth Boxes. One Heirloom tomato and three pear tomatoes. There are more of each coming, but once they start turning red, I have to pick them or the birds peck one hole in them and go to the next one. I might not care so much if they'd eat the whole dad-blamed thing, but no. Peck a hole and move on. I also got two. Yes, two sweet pea pods. That's one each for John and I!! There are loads of bloom on the plants, so maybe, just maybe I might get enough to cook a mess before it's all said and done. But I doubt it. We like 'em raw anyway! And my cuke plants are also loaded in bloom. Hoping to make some pickles if I get enough ripe at the same time.

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jeanne said...

green eggs and ham. yay!!!!