Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ramblin Rose

or roses as the case may be!

We got a butt.load of rain Sunday. Twice. It was the tail end of the system that brought the killer tornado to Yazoo City Mississippi. Thankfully we didn't have any tornado damage here. We were just finishing dinner and they came on the TV and said that we should be expecting heavy rain, lightning, hail and possible tornados. So I ran and took a shower just in case. I told John I wanted to be clean if a tornado did hit! To which he rolled his eyes and told me it wouldn't matter that I'd just had a shower. The lights flicked a few times, but we never lost power. But hoo boy did we get rain. It rained so hard that the gutters couldn't get it all off the roof and it was just spilling over the gutters like they weren't even there. It was dark as night and what sky you could see was an eerie greenish color. Freaked me right out. In 30 minutes, it was over. Then we got round two about 1 AM Monday morning. This time we lost power for over 4 hours. Poor John was out working in it. All told, with both storms, we got almost 6 inches of much needed rain.

Which bring me to the roses. They must have loved the rain because almost every one of my bushes has at least one rose on it. And the ones that aren't blooming have buds coming. And they smell so fragrant! Too bad you can't smell the pictures!

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Debbie DP said...

your flowers are so beautiful. I can almost smell them