Thursday, April 8, 2010

The mouth saga continues

Oy vey! Where to start!

I had my 6 months post-op check at the Perio Monday. They cleaned my teeth. And I'm still having "issues" with tartar build-up on my lower front teeth. Sooooooo I got to go buy a Sonicare electric toothbrush. And while the $100 price tag is pretty steep, it is by far, the BEST $100 I've ever spent. My mouth feels like I've just had them cleaned every time I brush.

Where the new bone was put in 6 months ago, he was very happy with. The new bone is growing and the back molars have all tightened up nicely. The second to the back molar (tooth 14 I found out!) is still my Waterloo! He was none too happy about the ongoing sensitivity issues, so he referred me to an Endodontist...a root canal specialist. His office was on the way home, so I stopped to make an appointment. They could see me Tuesday. Yesterday! Wow! So I went back yesterday with no expectations of what he would do. He did a couple of tests holding hot and cold cotton swabs to that tooth and in a matter of minutes said, "The root needs to come out." So after numbing me up, 30 minutes later, I was rootless! I was numb most of the afternoon. But once the numbness wore off. NO PAIN. NO SENSITIVITY. It's a wonderful thing. The sensitivity has been ongoing for over 6 years now, with it getting 1000 times worse since the surgery in October. I have a temporary fixative covering where the root was removed. I go to my regular dentist on Monday to have a permanent fixative placed on the tooth. I don't know if that will be a filling or crown. I am able to drink hot and cold without having to contortion my tongue around my teeth. Something I'd gotten pretty good at over the last 6 months! I can't eat, chew or bite on that side of my mouth until the permanent fixative is put on Monday. I stand a very good chance of breaking the tooth if I bite down wrong. Then my only alternative would be pull that tooth. Which would really suck, considering all I've gone thru with it!

I am a bit tender to the touch this morning. That's to be expected. But I'm drinking my hot tea with no pain. That in and of itself is a miracle to me! Now once this heals compeltely, I can schedule the next round of bone replacement. Before the rest of my teefs fall out my haid!

Oh, and happy 21st anniversary honey! I love you!

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Liane said...

Happy Anniversary to you and John, I always forget we are only three weeks apart in our vows!