Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Expo stuff

And NO! It's not me that's doing the Expo! Never again! Lernt my lesson! Not no...hell no!

I'm actually helping Liane out again. I used the new stamp sets that I have that she didn't and created cards for her to display at two upcoming Expo's she has out yonder on the left coast.

First one is Ambiance. LOVE the little "trails" the critters leave behind! I just had to do a card and page topper with this set! The critters are all double stamped, one set cut out and pop-dotted and they all have Prisma Glitter on them. Second is Hodge Podge Alphabet. All of the letters are different sizes and thicknesses so it adds a lot to whatever you are doing. Then is Bird Basics. I LOVE this set. The birds are so cute and there are hundreds of possibilities with the different tail and wing feathers. Intrinsic Backgrounds is another favorite. Kanji Phrases is of course a favorite with mil being Japanese! Finally Boutique Borders. I did the first card and sent off to her, then I had an idea to use every one of the border stamps on one card without making it look junky. So the second card is what I came up with and I think I succeded in my quest.
I hope you do really well at your Expos my friend. As always, it's so much fun helping you out!


Liane said...

Thank you! As always, they are better in person... well except maybe the page topper that the PO messed up =-( But it is still in squish flat mode! LOL

Marg said...

oooo I especially love the one with the 'positive' and 'negative' of the flower. All very cute!