Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dermo revisited/The Old Grey Mare

I went back to the Dermo on Feb 3 to have two more abnormal cell spots cut off my back. One is in the small of my back, near the spine and the other is right where my bra strap meets the bra. I was to return on the 19th to have those stitches removed and a third spot that they keep calling my neck but I call my shoulder removed. Every day we have to treat the wounds with a Hydrogen Peroxide/water mix, then put Polysporin and a bandage on them. And we do that. Faithfully. So on the 19th, they tell me that the stitches are not ready to come out, the wounds aren't healing like they want and she gives me an Rx for a topical creme to put on the wounds instead of the Polysporin. I am also to use it on my foot, where they took the cyst off of it and it's still not healed. Okey dokey! They want to see me back in the office on the 26th. Well yesterday they hurt so bad, I couldn't stand it any longer. Nurse John said they were looking worse than they were with the Polysporin. He said if he didn't know any better, he'd say I was allergic to the new Rx. Well I called the office at 8:02 AM yesterday and once I had told her what was going on, she said to come in now. And the Dr agreed with Nurse John (hate it when he's right!) and said I was allergic to the Rx and if I had continued to use it, I probably would have ended up with a nasty infection and that opens up a whole new ballgame. So the $8.00 tube of ointment went in the trash. I am now using plain old Vaseline Jelly. That's it. Nothing more. She said that is the base for most ointments anyway and it doesn't have any other added "gunk" in it. She gave me a new oral antibiotic that I have to take 2x a day for two weeks. It also has an anti-inflammatory in it because the spots were so red and irritated. They have postponed taking the stitches out until Mar 10. She said taking them out before would only invite more trouble. I am amazed at how much better all of the sites feel, less than 24 hrs after I was seen. The one in the small of my back would throb with each heartbeat. It no longer does that. While it was necessary to get these cut out because of the abnormal cells, I think I'm gonna wait a while for them to take the 2 cysts off my arms. I'm gonna give my body time to heal. As everyone keeps reminding me, I'm not as young as I used to be!!

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iamjaytee said...

Not me! I never tell you you are old!!! (mostly bec. you are not)