Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dylusions at the Doodle-Day Two

What an inky good day it was! We all started with exactly the same class kit and every one ended up so vastly different! This is gonna be another heavy picture post, so lets just get started!

 Dyan's going thru her book, showing us the different things we will be doing.
 Class kit. Before any ink or paint has been applied.
 Somebody's got inky flingers! And they only get worse! A true Badge of Honor for me! Most of what was on my hands came off when I washed my hair last night. But the stuff under my nails and around my cuticles will be there for a while.
 Painting and inking in process. Spread out so it will dry.
 Tags used to "mop up" the paints and inks on my Kraft Sheet. Nothing goes to waste in Dyan's classes!
 Faux Alcohol Ink technique using Dyan's Spray Inks and Glossy Cardstock.
 Oh yeah, it was inky!! I'm not skeered!
  Ranger apron I won in one of the prize giveaways. Woo hoo!!
 My first finished page. At least I think it's done!
 Front and back covers. It's hard to tell, but the cover is sprayed with Perfect Pearls Mist for a sparkly shine.
 Ink sprayed page with ghosting technique thru a stencil. The tag folds up.
 Paint Dabber technique.
 Faux Alcohol Ink technique.
 Another Spray Ink with ghosting technique thru a stencil.
Kraft Resist cardstock used as a mop up page cleaning inks off my Kraft Sheet. I wasn't real happy with it at first because it didn't completely cover all the brown cardstock. But it's grown on me and I really love it!

All of the pages will have tags and other ephemera on them. There will be lots of space to journal or just leave it blank. Whatever suits my fancy!

Dyan is coming back to teach again at the Doodle. And I will be there!


Kaz said...

Love all your pages sue!! I love your inky hands too xxx

Kaz x

Kaz said...
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Anita Houston said...

Yours hands look gorgeous!!! What fun! I love that you made so much!!! COOL!!!