Monday, June 25, 2012

More rain

I dumped another 4.50" of rain out of the gauge this morning. Had to go buy the newspaper because apparently the delivery guy decided I was the only one in the neighborhood who didn't need one today. So I took the camera along with me and took pics while I was out of our flooded streets.

We are currently rain-free, but there is more heading in our direction. And for those asking, the chickens are fine! They are high and dry. The little girls were upset because it rained all day yesterday and they couldn't go in the breezeway without getting wet! They don't like having their feathers wet. Thanks to everyone for being concerned about them!

 curve on our street that always floods
 intersection of the two streets in the subdivision.
 House on the corner of the two streets. Water all in their front yard. Proabably in the garage, if not in the house as well. Sooooo glad we don't live there!
 Neighbors crepe myrtle tree that fell over from water saturation at the roots.
end of our street. Driveway on left is our next door neighbor. This is where neighborhood kids were pulling each other on inner tubes with their 4 wheelers yesterday. The water goes all the way around the corner to the other street.


Debbie DP said...

wow now that is some water on the roadways. What a way to get water.

anna christensen crafts said...

What amazing photo's Sue. Glad the chickens are okay. There has been huge floods in England over the last day or so, stuff like you never see over here! Even though it's waterlogged, it looks beautiful where you live!