Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brawk, brawk

That's chicken speak for "dang it's been a long time since you had pics of US on your blog!"

We had some maintenence to to in the coop this morning. We had used scraps for the roost in the side where the (not so) little (anymore) girls are and it was falling apart. So while John fixed the roost so the girls could roost safely, I cleaned both sides and refilled waterers and feeders and took pictures!

Feeding frenzy!
 BREAD! We have BREAD for a treat! Nom, nom, nom!
 Queen Biotch Survivor in the big girls side is jealous because I give the little girls "better" bread than I do the big girls. At least in her humble opinion!
 Miss Els and her feathered feets! She will lay  chocolate colored eggs. Hopefully in about 3 more months!
I kicked some grass that was growing outside the coop over against the wire, so they are eating it thru the chicken wire.

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Anita Houston said... has been a while, which means you have been busy working on something special, haven't you! They are growing so big!!!