Friday, February 24, 2012

Groupie again!

Back in my wild, misspent youth there were a bunch of us that followed a local band, Snake Eye, around. I've talked about Max here before, how 20 years after the band broke up that he was a one man band and we would go and see him play. So imagine my surprise when I got an email from Max last week that hell had frozen over and Snake Eye was the Eagles of the 2000's and they were back together. All except the drummer, who got too far into the drugs and alcohol and last anyone heard, he was homeless in TN. But Max, George, Ernie Steve, Kenny the sound guy and a new drummer booked last Saturday night at Sam's Beach Bar just up the road a piece from us. So we went. And it was like nothing had changed! They even did a few songs from back in the day!! I have a photo album of the guys from the past, so I took it and it was the hit of the evening! Everyone wanted copies of the pictures! And while I know we won't be going to see them as often as we used to (every night of the week! I told you it was a misspent youth!) we certainly plan to go and support them often. Rock ON!

                                                 Early 1980's     Max
                                                         Ernie Steve       These were taken by my dad at River Ranch, which is down by Lake Okechobee when Snake Eye opened for Alabama. Yes, THAT Alabama! Snake Eye was on the cusp of really hitting big when they broke up.
                                                          2012     Kenny the sound man. He used to have a rockin' ZZ Top style beard. Now it's nicely groomed and fully grey!!
                                             Ernie Steve and Max talking to some other "old" fans
                                            Ernie Steve, George and Max
                                        Beautiful sunset on the west coast of Florida
                                            THIS is why I live here! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Anita Houston said...

WOW!!! Gorgeous scenery! To die for!!! I've never heard of the band, but the Eagles are my fav, and if they are close in sound, then I would love them!!! Love the cool old pictures, and glad you for transformed back in time...that is always fun!!!

Debbie DP said...

Did you say Alabama? Your group traveled with the best. I love the eagles too. These are great pictures of the band. I love the view