Thursday, September 1, 2011

Halloween Houses

I found these Halloween houses last year at Michael's. They were 75% off. So I basically stole them! I brought them home and put them in my "to do" pile. And there they've sat. I guess waiting for CTMH to come out with Mischief paper! They were both supposd to be covered in the paper. But the two tall skinny houses together were giving me ulcers because I could. not. cut. the. paper. right. The wonky angles got the better of me and after I ruined one whole sheet of my Mischief paper, I decided I'd just paint the darn things. And because I get these pictures in my head, they were not turning out like the pictures in my mind. And I couldn't make them look "right" to me. I kept futzing with them and this is what I ended up with. Nothing like the picture in my mind, but good enough! Now the little short, squat one I L.O.V.E! The shingles on the roof turned out just like the picture in my mind. I cut Desert Sand cardstock and used my distress tool on three sides then inked the shingles with black ink. LOVE them! I think it's the best part of the house! And yes, the ghostie came with the house! How cute is he?


jeanne said...

they ROCK!!!!!

Debbie DP said...

Oh these are so cute. Not just cute great and cute

Debbie DP said...

did i mention i love the colors? and I love the shingles. these houses are too cute.