Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cone Head

My new name for Savannah! I know, I know...bad mamma...makin fun of her baby!

She's got something up with her right front paw. Not sure exactly what yet, but it's not been fun around her the last couple of weeks. She's been chewing at it and making it bleed, then bleeding allllll over the house. I got up the other morning and it looked like a murder had taken place in my kitchen. Blood on the floor, on the walls, in the dining room, in the hall. Nothing better than having to drag the Swiffer out before I can even have my cuppa tea. So we took them both to the vet a month early for their yearly checkup yesterday. The vet took some blood samples from her foot and is sending them off for tests. Hopefully we'll have results back Fri at the latest and then we'll know how to proceed. Until then, she's in a cone so she leaves the paw alone. And he gave me some pre-filled syringes with pain meds in them to give her 2x daily. He said since she can't tell us if she's in pain, better to err on the side of caution.

And she is NOT a happy camper. Hates the cone. Keeps trying to figure how to get the dad-blasted thing off. I take it off for her to eat and then it goes right back on. She keeps bumping into things, which makes me laugh. I know...I'ma a sick woman!!

On the good news front. Our two year quest to get them to lose weight has finally come to pass! Savannah is at a svetle 8+ lbs...though not a lot over 8. She was 14 lbs I believe when we started. And Orleans who was at almost 20 lbs 2 years ago is now at a tad over 11 lbs, with FIVE of those pounds lost in the past year. The vet was extremely pleased with both. He said now we just have to maintain.

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