Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Big Chill

continues! Yesterday it was 24 at my back door. The "official" low at the airport (where nobody lives) was 27 degrees. That was a new record low for the date. We also did not reach our "Normal" low temperature for a high yesterday. Our normal low is 54 and our normal high is 74 for this time of year. Yesterday, the high was only 49 degrees. A lower high than what our normal low should be! That's just crazy.

This morning it is 20 degrees. I had to scrape frost off the thermometer to read it. They said last night that Sat night into Sun morning, we could see freezing rain, sleet and possibly SNOW!

Yesterday was also Ephiphany. Traditionally thought of as the day Jesus was baptized by Orthodox Christians. There is always a huge festival in the Greek village of Tarpon Springs, just south of us. Boys age 16-18 dive into Spring Bayou to retrieve a cross tossed in the waters by a high ranking Greek priest. Yesterday, the water temperature was 49 degrees. So glad I wasn't one going for the cross!

They say we are supposed to see warmer temps by the middle of next week. That will be nice!

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Liane said...

Brrrrrrr. That is crazy! OK is it me or did Christians NOT exist yet back then?