Saturday, August 30, 2008

Feeling better

Finally starting to feel more like my old self. John got the Kotexes off my face and ear on Wed so I could take a shower, properly wash my face and wash my GREASE PIT hair!! Warm water cascading down my head and face never felt so good! I now have respectable band-aids on both spots and for the most part, my hair covers both so I don't get Bride of Frankenstein stares when I'm out in public! I finally slept thru the night last night. I'd been waking up multiple times from the pain when I would try to roll onto my right side. Both spots are starting to itch, so that means they are healing. So that's a good thing!

It'll be a lazy Labor Day weekend here at Casa Waters. John is working his normal day today and will have Sun & Mon off as usual. But he's worked so many hours this week getting ready for the holiday, that he'll probably cat-nap in his chair both days. We do need to mow, weedwack and edge the yard at some point, but other than that, we have no plans.

Keeping our eyes on two storms in the Atlantic basin. Gustav is probably headed for the LA, MS coast. An area that was just devastated by Katrina three years ago. There's a couple of people in that area that I care about and hope that they are making their plans to evacuate. Then there's Hanna who was headed for the East coast of FL, but now looks like she will make a more southerly turn and head back towards Cuba. But you never really know with these storms, so I'm not counting any chickens yet!

And extending sympathy to my friend Chris and her hubby Mike. His aunt passed away suddenly this past week. The funeral services are today. My thoughts are with you both.


Chris said...

Thanks, Sue for thinking of us!

iamjaytee said...

Some ahole weather guy on the weather channel said something stupid about Gustav having the word GUST right in it. Well golly gee! @@