Friday, August 8, 2008

Convention recap

What a great time! I got to meet three of my online buds for the first time. LA, Melan and Denise. Great girls, all three. Wish the rest of the Boozer girls could have been there as well. LA and Denise managed to get themselves locked inside the hot tub area the first night and we never could get anyone to come unlock the gate, so they had to climb over the fence to get out! Melan and I each won a set of 15 new stamp sets the first night. We won all of the stamp sets that coordinate with the 5 new paper packs that were introduced with the new Fall/Winter Idea Book. We saw some pretty spooky looking outfits. Guess some women think that no tank tops, shorts or flip flops applied to all of the OTHER Consultants who were attending! I learned lots of new things and can't wait for my orders of new product to arrive so I can start playing! One order is supposed to be here today and the rest will be here next week. The last night I won another prize package in a game of Left Right. In that package was a stamp set, new Finishing Files,new Spring color pallet brads new Memory Keeper box and new Color Ready alphabet. So all told, I won in excess of $500 worth of new product over the three days of Convention. The big announcement on the final night was where Convention 2010 would be. Washington, DC!!! So hopefully John and I will be able to attend that and combine it with a vacation as well.

Photo's are:

Denise and Melan, LA scaling the fence at the hot tub, Denise makes her escape, prize from the last night, beautiful decorations, 1500 of my closest friends, Liane and Debbie, LA lounging on the chaise in her room.

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Lea said...

This boozer wishes she could have come too. I'm so sad! :(