Saturday, June 7, 2008


Pretty flowers! I am amazed at what-all is blooming in the yard since we've had no rain in soooo long. Tampa broke a record yesterday with a high of 98 degrees. I've started taking care of the chickens, pond, bird baths and feeders in the mornings because it is like walking into a blast furnace if I wait til the afternoon. The chickens have even noticed the heat as egg production has gone to almost nothing! Can't really say as I blame them. Weatherman keeps saying the summer rains are coming. Sure do need them sooner rather than later!

Anyway, the flowers! First one is a wandering orchid that mil gave me a few years ago. Flowers are very small but beautiful. Next is Aunt Eloise lily. I have no idea what the "real" name of it is, but it's some that we got from Aunt Eloise's yard when she passed away, so they will now and forevermore be Aunt Eloise lilies! Next is the water hibiscus. It's one of the pond plants, the only one that positively thrives being right underneath the waterfall. And finally, black-eye Susan. They pop up as volunteers all over the yard, so there's spots in the yard that aren't mowed because of them! Once they are done with their heads!


Liane said...

That red one would make a great card! Beautiful flowers. One of my fav parts of living in a wet place!a

Kim said...

Your flowers are beautiful.

I got into the car yesterday and the thermastat where the car was sitting said 100! It's hot. Doing the rain dance over here at our house.