Sunday, June 22, 2014

ICAD catch-up

I just realized I'd been a bad blogger and not been keeping up with my ICAD (Index Card A Day) posts. So this is going to be a picture heavy post! Some are not in order because I was working out of order til I got caught up.

 ICAD 16 Roll The Dice, or in my case, Paradise!
 ICAD 5 Galaxy, or in my case, a 1960's Galaxy! My dad had one many moons ago.
 ICAD 7 Yellow
ICAD 6 Nail Polish
 ICAD 8 Mandela
 ICAD 9 Alphabet. I didn't have a "p" so I spelled it phonetically. I spelled soup with a Z for 10 points!
 ICAD 10 The Beatles
 ICAD 11 toy camera
ICAD 12 Paisley
 ICAD 13 Book Review- One of my favorite all-time reads!
 ICAD 17 Polka dots
 ICAD 20 Orange
 ICAD 19 Harry Potter. The only thing I know about HP is there is an owl!
 ICAD weekly challenge. One staple collage
 ICAD weekly challenge-Maps
 ICAD 20 Candy Wrapper. I had no candy wrapper, so I stamper a bunch of chocolate quotes.
 ICAD 21 Repeating pattern. I go crossed eyed when I do repeating patterns. I also go off the grid!
 ICAD 22 Beach Umbrella.

I am going to "try" to do a weekly update from here on out. No promises!!

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