Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Well hello there! Bet you thought I got lost or something! Had a few computer issues and some family stuff going on, so I'm sorry about my lack of postings. We will take care of that today with not one but TWO posts in the same day.

First up, a recap of our Thanksgiving festivities. Both of my sisters and their families joined us for a day of too much food and lots of fun. This is a picture heavy post, so lets get at it!

 Appetizer table. Too bad everyone hated the deviled eggs!
 Foods on...lets eat!
 View from the other end of the table.
 Jacob loves him some gravy!
 Jacob also went "fishing" in our pond with the brand new ballcap I gave him when he got here and caught one of the crawfish that lives in the pond. Mean 'ol Aunt Sue made him put it back!!
 Brother-in-law Bruce, John, Favorite Only Niece Joy and her dad John.
 The Three Sisters. Janice, me, Kathy.
 Miss Joy sitting on the little stool my father in law built as his high school graduation project.
Centerpiece for the holiday table I made with the burlap flowers I am crazy about making right now!


Janice Miller said...


Janice Miller said...

Love the pictures, loved the day ... thank you for a wonderful Thanksgiving!
These shots really show how warm your house is :)