Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Scraproom re-do

Been promising pics of the scraproom re-do. And the day to share is finally here!

 This all started because I needed new storage for my CTMH stamps. We found these 4 drawer Sterlite storage units on clearance at W*M and got two of them. So we set the table up with my Pink Cricut Expression (henceforth to be known as Pinky!) and Vagabond and flanked it with the storage units. That was totally John's idea, so I'm giving him his props because I know I'll never hear the end of it if I don't! ;)  The drawer of stamps is all of my Solo Alphas and Solo Numbers along with all of my sentiment stamps. And there's room left in the drawers. I put all of my t!m stuff in one drawer (on the "Vagabond" side so it's all together and I don't have bits and pieces scattered all over the place. And I only found a couple of things I had bought duplicates of. I may have a fat lot of crap...err...valuable scrap stuff in here, but I can pretty much take you to everything in here.  I scare myself sometimes that I can remember that kind of stuff but still have to count on my fingers to add 1+1!!

My table used to be under the hanging shelves and because I'm so short, I basically had everything crammed on the two bottom shelves so I could reach it. So we put the computer under the hanging shelves since the computer desk is narrower than my scrap table and moved the scrap table to where the computer used to be. And I like it! I can see everything on the shelves now and get to all of them. Even the top ones!


Debbie DP said...

Oh wow. Your room looks great. So nice and organized

jeanne said...

i likey!!!!