Friday, March 4, 2011

Well Poo

So my desktop needed a break! My less than 8 month old desktop!

Got a warning yesterday that my hard drive was ready to crash and I should back up all of my files, lest they be lost in the land of cyber doom-dom. We took the tower to Best Buy last night and they wanted to charge me $300 for THEM to send it to HP because it's under warranty and they can't work on it if it's under warranty. Ummm. Lemme think on that a minute............. Not no. HELL NO. I will take my tower back home and I will call HP and they can tell me what I need to do. So after talking with the uber-nice Beau for amost an hour this morning, he is sending me a new hard drive which he assures me a child could install. So when it gets here, I will put on my Big Gurl Panties and attempt to change out my hard drive. He also assured me that should I have one ounce of trouble, I can call the hot line and someone will assist me and not laugh at me. Much. Gee, thanks Beau! I feel so much more confident now!

So I'll be over there...working on projects and sharing none. Because my photo editing program is not on John's laptop and I aint puttin it on here either! He's gonna kill me as it is because I've added about eleventybillon of my favorite places. I am a creature of habit and I have my sites that I must visit daily or I will combust. He can just delete them once he gets his laptop back. I wll be taking pics of my projects and I will share when my new hard drive arrives. And if anything earth shattering happens before then, I'll let ya know.

I hope my desktop enjoys it's break!

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