Monday, March 21, 2011

take me out to the ball game

Maybe I jinxed the team. Jacob is playing baseball and they were in the finals and playing elimination games. They'd been winning. Until I showed up. The boys played their hearts out this past Saturday, but the other team won. And they SHOULD have lost in the 3rd inning. The coaches are supposed to report their teams stats and any changes in the lineup to the official scorers after each inning and the opposing team hadn't been doing it. So the umpire said they should forfit the game. But Jake's coach said no. That he wanted his team to win or lose fair and square and not to a forfit. So then the other team turned on the "dirty" tactics. And in the end, Jake's team lost by one run. So they are eliminated. At this age, it sould be about learning the fundamentals of the game. Not teaching the kids to play dirty. As a non-parent, it frustrates me when the coaches place more emphasis on winning that learning and having fun. got me out of the house for the afternoon and it's always good to see the fam! Joy was so darn cute. As we were leaving, she said, I guess we'll see you at our house for Easter! I'm taking that as my "official" invite. Even if nobody else in the family gets one! I'll be at Joy's house!

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