Friday, October 8, 2010

ALDS Playoff game

A friend of John's called yesterday about 10 and said he had 2 tickets to the Rays/Rangers game at 2:30 that he couldn't use because he had to work. John was done for the day, so did we want the tickets? For FREE?! Ummm...does a bear...oh nevermind! OF COURSE we did. Problem was, he couldn't meet us to give us the tix til after 1:00, so with a 2:30 first pitch, that didn't leave a huge window. Traffic on 275 south was horrendous. We were in stop and go traffic from the Gateway area all the way to the Trop. John reclined his seat back and took a nap while I drove. We finally made it to the main parking lot ($20) and were directed to the very last row. The meter maids were out in full force all around the stadium, giving tickets for not parking in authorized spots. This mornings paper said some fines went as high as $286. OUCH! Woulda been cheaper to just pay the $20 to park legally! We got to the nosebleed seats up in the 300 section moments before FL Gov Charlie Crist threw out the ceremonial first pitch. It was a wild pitch and he was wildly boo'd! I think the Rays found the most undamncomfortable seats they could for the 300 section! OMG there was NO way to get situated in the seats. So small and no leg room. If someone in the center had to get out, everyone had to leave their seats to let them out then back in again. Beers were $10 each, up $2.00 from the regular game price. Scorecards were $3.00 each and they are normally free. And the game? Rays lost. 6-0. Rays manager Joe Madden got thrown out in the 5th arguing a controversial call. All the more reason to bring instant replay into baseball. Rangers need only win the Sat game at home and they are in and the Rays go home. Evan Longoria opened his mouth about fan support, or lack thereof and no fans in the seats last week. The Tampa area still has double digit unemployment. The Rays TV revenues were one of the highest in baseball this season. Fans can't afford a $200+ night out on a regular basis. So we watch from home. The Trop was packed Thur afternoon and for the Wed game also. 35,000+ fans both days. Ben Zobrist (mah boy Ben!) had the only run, a solo homer in Wednesday's game. So my thought is, Evan you need to put up or shut up. The fans were there. And you didn't produce. You're the one with the huge contract. It's not nice to bite the hand that feeds you. I love my Rays. I will continue to be a fan and proudly wear my gear and support the team win, lose or draw.


Jill (Scrap Wench) said...

I saw that game on tv yesterday and wondered if you and John were there. Professional athletes don't seem to have much of a grip on reality, do they?

Debbie DP said...

Nose bleed seats are my kind of seats then you can see all the fun stuff