Monday, May 10, 2010

Perfection. Squared.

It happened again. The Tampa Bay Rays have a new claim to fame. They now hold the destinction of being the only team in the history of baseball to be on the losing end of a Perfect Game in the span of less than 10 months. We now have the notation of being the losing team on the 18th AND 19th Perfect Games in major league history thrown against them. First time was July 23, 2009 against Mark Buehrle and the Chicago White Sox. Perfect Game. No runs, no hits, nobody on base. Then yesterday, May 9, 2010 it happened again. Against Dallas Braden and the Oakland A's. Perfect Game. No runs, no hits, nobody on base. And this game came 42 years and one day after Catfish Hunter pitched his perfect game for the A's. This was a special game. Dallas Braden lost his mom to cancer when he was in high school. His Grandmother raised him and she was in the stands to see this historic game. They had a few minutes together at the end of the game and you could see and feel the emotions going between the two of them. You hate to see your team lose, but there are just some days when you almost have to root for the other guys. Sunday was one of those days.

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