Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Holy Schnikey's Batman!

She still remembers how to scrap a 12 x 12 page!

We had what we called the family photo wall in the dining room. And because I've gotten away from scrapbooking, any pictures that the family would give us, instead of me scrapping them like I used to, I'd buy a frame and throw it on the wall. So what started out as a cohesive idea that looked really nice ended up looking like so much mish-mash, hodge-podge. Since we are painting (and yes, we are still painting! It's still not done. The mood has passed. I need to work on finding it again because now it looks like crapola being 1/2 done!) I decided that I needed to downsize and make it a cohesive idea once again. I went from 50+ pictures on the wall to what will be 13 whenever that wall gets painted! Now the question was, what to do with those pictures! Well you dummy, you need to scrap them. John, in his infinate wisdom said, "But there's no theme." But yes dear, there is. This is our family. And while the pictures may cover a 15+ year period they have been and will remain, family. So I'm scrapping them. None too fast I might add. Cuz I've decided that I really don't enjoy scrapping so much any more. I'll share some of my favorites as I go along. Thus far, these are two of them. First one is Janice and John on their wedding day, FIFTEEN years ago! Second is a montage of Jake and Joy (with one of daddy John thrown in for good measure!) The pinwheel embellishment is one I shared a while ago. The blue isn't an exact match for the Stardust paper pack, but it's close enough!

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Liane said...

beautiful pages, no matter how much time is covered!