Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birthday gift

Today is Liane's birthday. And because I know she will open her gift from me before she reads blogs, I'm going to go ahead and post pictures of her birthday gift now. And if I had remembered to take pictures of Debbie's gifts before I sent them to her for her birthday this past Monday, I would share them as well. Deb, if you will take a pic and send me, I'll share what you got as well!
I actually did a coaster hanging for each of Liane's "girls", AKA the puppies! Each one is different. Each one has the dogs name on it, with a spot to put a picture. Liane also got Javabella from me. It's one she's been wanting and I decided to add that to her gifts at the last minute. Happy Birthday my friend. I hope your day is filled with Joy.


Liane said...

OH MY GOSH! These are so beautiful. I love love love them! Thank you sooo much. The girls didn't understand though. LOL Hugs, me

jeanne said...

Equal opportunities for dogs and cats. I still love mine too. It is, of course, hanging on my loft wall. Another great job, Sue!!!!