Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Day mini album

Donna Gibson and I did a "Girls Weekend Road Trip" to Lake Worth on the east coast to Everything Scrapbooks & Stamps to take a couple of classes with the wicked wonderful and wicked smaht Cheryl Mezzetti. Cheryl's from Bahstan (Boston!) and has a real thick accent! I love to harrass her about my Rays and her BoSox (blech!) but I truly love her to death!

This was our project for the second day. Cheryl walked us thru all things LuminArte then turned us loose. Of course I didn't get mine finished, but I've worked on it the last two days and it's finally complete. Well, except for pictures. And since I'm giving it as a gift, this is as finished as it's gonna be for me! So here goes:


Annie said...

Hi Sue.........looks like you had a great time at your class and I am sure this project will be treasured. Love the front and the interior.

TFS and crafty hugs

Annie x

Anita Houston said...

The drive itself looked wonderful, but the project is fabulous too! What a great gift!