Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beachy Shadow Box

Cheryl Mezetti, Design Team member and Education Coordinator for Creative Imaginations came to Posh Scraps last night to teach a shadow box class. There were 15 ladies in attendance and even though we didn't get our boxes finished in the 3 hours because Cheryl added an extra accordian album to the class, no two boxes looked alike and we were all using the same products! Even the ones who tried to make it just. like. the. sample. (yawn!) ended up with theirs being slightly different. We started with a 7Gypsies 6.5 x 6.5 shadow box then made our own covers for it using chipboard and covered it with papers from Creative Imaginations. Then we had all sorts of embellishments to add to our boxes to personalize it even more. I finished up my accordian album this morning and now I have my first completed Christmas gift for this year! Now...who to give it to!!!

Best of all, Cheryl's coming back to FL in August and she agreed last night to teach another class. Yippee!! I'll be there, for sure!

 Cheryl gets ready to start the class. She's a Bahstan gihl, but we tried not to hold it against her! But we sure did have fun making fun of her pahking her cah in the yahd! ANd she in turn made fun of us as we were "fixin to" do our boxes. She said, you fix dinner, but I don't undahstand how you are fixin' to finish these boxes!!
 Plain white shadow box...but not for long!!!
 Front of completed box
 Inside without the accordian album in place
 Inside with accordian album added
 first two pages of accordian album
 next two pages
 first two pages on the backside of accordian album
 last two pages of album
back of completed box


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Wow Sue! This is fantastic!! Just the sort of thing you might want to send as a Christmas pressie to a friend who would treasure it that lives by the sea and loves pebbles and shells! and who lives in Hove!!!!