Saturday, August 14, 2010


We had an opportunity to attend the Rays-Orioles game last night and sit in the Pepsi Suite. For FREE! Well, I'm no dummy! You betcha we were there! There were 15 other Frito employees who took advantage of the offer. We had free soda in the Suite, but were responsible for buying our own food and beer. It was 70's Throw Back night with the Village People performing a concert after the game. (and now we'll ALL be singing YMCA for the rest of the day!!) We did not stay for the concert since John had to work this morning, but everything was 70's themed! The Rays wore jersey's based on the old Tampa Tarpons of the minor leagues since the Rays's weren't playing in the 70's. The Orioles had on their orange and black uniforms from the 70's. The "macho man" from the Village People got to throw out the first pitch. Rays third baseman Evan Longoria was chosen to recieve the Heart and Hustle Award, which was presented to him before the game started. Each major league team has one person who recieved this award. I think I decided that the ideal job for me would be running the tractor and pulling the "sled" behind it to smooth out the base paths after batting practice! That's a job I could get into!!

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jeanne said...

Oooooooh, how much fun!!!!!