Friday, October 16, 2009

When you've nothing else to do...

How about a little Periodontal surgery for laughs?

I have bad Periodontal disease. Really bad. To the point where yesterday began a year long oddesy of splitting open my gums and grinding down damaged bone and injecting cadaver bone to meld with the remaining bone so that hopefully I won't lose all of my teefs. Surgeries will fall once every four months or so, depending on how quickly I heal.

Once our co-pay was in the books, I was given a little blue pill and within 20 minutes, I was very relaxed and didn't really care what was going on around me. Susie, my nurse helped me float to the surgery room where she then hooked me up to the Nitrous Oxide tank and I got to sit on a toadstool whilst fairys and butterflies danced around my head. It was a lovely trip!! I was awake during the entire procedure, but neither cared nor could do anything about anything! Surgery took a little over an hour. We started with the upper left side, since that's where the worst damage was. I have a "play dough-like snake" in my mouth, surrounding those teeth to keep any small bits of food out. I have lots of "good drugs" to keep the pain at bay. They make me really loopy and I feel like I'm drunk and I haven't had anything to drink. Good thing I don't have to go to work or operate heavy machinery! I promised John that so long as I'm on the pain meds, I won't be driving anywhere. Yesterday my diet consisted of pudding cups, jello cups, yogurt, watermelon and canteloupe chunks. All cold foods. No hot. Today I can graduate to soft foods and I've already put in my request for sushi tonight since sushi's soft! I can't talk so good right now. It hurts to open my mouth to form words, so John is in his glory with a mostly silent wife!


Jill (Scrap Wench) said...

Well, at least you'll get sushi out of it! Hope you heal up quickly.

jeanne said...

Owie, owie. Hope the alfredo was good for lunch. Great to meet you and John . . FINALLY.