Monday, August 3, 2009

I went to CHA!

And lived to tell about it! This past Fri and Sat, for the first time ever, there was a part of the show dedicated to the general public, and I was there! I got some great deals, took some really cool classes, had a great time! Had a hotel room (and bed!) all to myself! Ate at Cafe' Tu Tu Tango one night and Ran-Getsu the other. Just a really nice weekend away. Me, myself and I. Ran into my two tablemates, Katie and Amanda, from the t!m classes at Ruban Rouge. Also Jenn, one of my CTMH sideline sisters. Made some new friends that I'll never see again!
1. Surprise pop-up card, closed. Made in Cards that Flip, Flap, Slide and Pull class
2. Surprise pop-up card, open
3. Beauiful Japanese paper to make mil cards with
4. More beautiful Japanese paper
5. t!m Holtz Idea-ology to make jewelry with
6. Cards on display in the Kodomo Japanese booth (where I got the papers!)
7. Mica Gloss card, taught by Judi Watanabe, President and founder of JudiKins Company.
8. Another Mica Gloss card
9. Miss Judi Watanabe herself!
10. Beautiful quilt

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Debbie DP said...

wow. I really love the Japanese papers. Very pretty. Love the quilt.