Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall in Florida...

Isn't a whole lot different than summer in Florida! Our grey squirrels know that the weather is supposed to change, so they have been devouring all of the pine cones. There are sharp little tips all over the yard under the slash pine trees. The two oak trees in the front yard have started dropping acorns, so the squirrels will soon be munching on them and burying them, never to be found again! And in the spring, I'll be pulling up baby oak trees that are growing everywhere but where they should be! We've had a couple of "cool-ish" mornings...if you consider a low of 68 instead of 72 low! I'll just be happy when it stays cool enough during the day that I can turn the a/c off and throw open the doors and windows.

My flamingo that I bought in the spring didn't fare too well! It lost it's pinwheel "belly" a loooong time ago! I have no idea where it blew off to. It's all moldy and nasty and has lost it's vibrant pink to a rather washed-out pink, so it went in the trash can this morning.

We had a much needed 2.5 inches of rain late yesterday afternoon. I was beginning to think we weren't going to get anything because looking a the radar, everyone around us was getting rain. Then it finally decided to open up over us. It rained almost 1.5 hrs.

I changed my front entry table last week. Put out my Halloween decorations. Also put a few things outside at the front door. I don't go too crazy since our subdivision is only about 20 homes and we are so isolated. We get the neighborhood kids and that's it for Trick or Treat.

Still working on Christmas projects. I'll share bits and pieces as I get them finished!

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Kim said...

Again, Sue. Here where we are got "nada" rain. It sprinkled briefly yesterday and today. I went to pick the kids up from school in Tampa Palms and it was pouring. Got on this side of 75 and it was dry. Gotta love that Florida weather.