Friday, October 26, 2007

busy, busy, busy!

It's been a busy morning! The cats woke me up at 4:30 (ack!) so I got up, read the paper, started laundry. Somebody please tell me HOW we generate so much dirty laundry with only 2 people living here! I don't get it! While the first load was washing, I vacuumed the house. Gotta stay on top of that with 2 kitties tracking litter all over my floors! They are mostly Maine Coon and have very long hair between their toes and the litter gets caught in the hair and they track it everywhere! Got dressed and went to the grocery store. I like to get there early and get it done. Came home and found a construction size dumpster across the street. We had the most wonderful neighbors! Paul and Ann were both salt of the earth, give you the shirt off their backs people. He passed away last year and the house is too much for Ann. They have over 2 acres and all the kids are grown and gone. She got herself a condo in closer to town, and a couple of her sons are gonna fix up the house and they will put it on the market. I knew it was coming, but it was still a shock to see the dumpster in the driveway when I pulled in.

We've got overcast skies this morning. It was misty-raining on me as I was coming back from the grocery store. We need the rain. Our summer rains never really materialized, so we are still much below our normal rainfall. And winter is usually dry for us. So whatever rain we can get, we'll take. We got almost 2 1/2" here on Wed but could always use more.

I'm working on a few Christmas gifts for family and friends. I'm doing Pocket Memory books. Once I get them completed, I'll post some pics so you can see.

Have a great Friday!

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Liane said...

I really am NOT going to always comment on every post. It cracks me up though that your cats are like my dogs.... they get you up, they mess up your house, and ya still love them!

Glad you got some rain, we are due to get started on ours too. The weather keeps saying it will be yucky, but it is really nice during the day lately... 60's!